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Most Epic 2 Week San Francisco to Seattle Road Trip

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway is something I think every human should experience in their lifetime. California often gets the credit for how stunning the Pacific coast is, and for good reason. But I’m here to tell you, a road trip from San Francisco to Seattle will be one of the most magical things you experience in the US. 

The first time I went to Oregon, I was around 18. I was there there with my piano teacher to see my friend, and another of her students, play with the Portland Symphony. (Side note: he was only 15 and was the featured pianist of a major symphony orchestra… how completely amazing, right?) 

To be totally honest, I had zero expectations for Oregon. I was not prepared for how green it would be…

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Hi, I’m Adriane!

Founder of This Wandering Spirit

Hi, friends! I’m Adriane, and I’m a travel photographer and writer based in Detroit. I love listening to the sounds of the ocean and anything Game of Thrones related, am a big history and theatre geek, and adore travelling around the world with my favourite little four-legged travel buddy, Toby.

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My Travel Essentials

Check out the items I simply can’t travel without!

Canon 80D

This camera goes everywhere with me, and I’m positive it upped my photography game 1000%. It’s a good choice for beginner and intermediate users because you won’t outgrow it quickly, but you also aren’t paying thousands to get into the full frame line.

ZOMEi M5 Tripod

I waited a long time to bite the bullet and purchase a tripod that was more than $20, but I’m so glad that I did. This is the exact tripod I use, and it’s so easy to fold up and carry because of it’s compact size. It also has an adaptor and remote for your cell phone!

Under Seat Carryon

I don’t say this about many things, but having an under-the-seat carryon was a game changer. It’s the only carryon you won’t get charged for with most budget airlines, and I pack frugally enough to pack for a long weekend with mine!

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